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Samuel_Prout_autographDans notre dernier dernier catalogue distribué à la galerie, nous présentons une rare lettre du peintre et aquarelliste Samuel Prout :

PROUT Samuel [Plymouth, 1783 – Camberwell, 1852],  peintre britannique un des meilleurs artistes de l’aquarelle architecturale américain.

Lettre autographe signée « S. Prout », adressée à M. J. Henderson. Sans date ; 4 pages in-8°, en anglais, traduction tapuscrite jointe. Prout se lamente de la mort d’un ami.  « My aversion to letter-writing is unpardonable — and as always —. I must begin with an apology. […] Last week my valued medical friend Doc. Young, whom you met in my room — universally beloved and respected, fell victim to this fearful epidemic in its most fearful asiatic form. This morn’g I was one of the mourners to have the poor body in the tomb, ‘til we meet at the fathering of countless multitudes at the final judgment and solemn crisis. Seldom has there been such a procession of mourners followed by 15 carriages of the respect entertained for the deceased. Every house on Denmark Hill and every shop in the village was closed […] This is a sad gap in our little circle. He had collected with good taste, an extensive number of most valuable draw’gs by the old masters, also rare prints — pictures, bronzes, etc. […] Like yourself he collected treasures of art, with the desire and always ready to contribute to the enjoyment of others […]. Your new Guardi I have not see, and woe is me that a dog at my heels has prevented my seeing your valuables. I may only dream the enjoyment you offer, and indulge imagination. »

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