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ANTHEIL George [Trenton, New Jersey, 1900 - New York, 1959], compositeur et pianiste américain.

Lettre autographe signée

Lettre autographe signée, adressée à Jacques Benoist-Méchin. Florence [1927] ; 3 pages in-folio (34 x 21 cm), en anglais, enveloppe timbrée jointe. « I have been thinking of you so often these last few weeks. […] Jack, have you something for small orchestra ? Do you remember that some months ago I wrote you that I was considering a concert for five young musicians; but I was almost afraid to ask you as I knew you would not like to be asociated with the other three. Of course you would not mind myself. I have practically decided to do their short works later, but now, if you have an orchestra work in twos (2 flutes, 2 clar., 2 Oboes, 2 cors, 2 Trumpets, 2 Drombones, Strings) we could give it March 12. I you haven’t, then we can do something else in June. But if you have something for a rather small orchestra, not over twos we will di it March 12 Xr. If I make a success in New York (you know that I am going to give the ballet Mecanique in New York with ALL the pianos (yes sir, sixteen -count-’em !) I shall certainly and easily with the greatest facility find money for you at last... concerts and time to compose. And Jack if you have a score ready, I would take it to Mrs Bok. Jack, dearest and best of friends you and your wonderful genius is very dear to me. France has in you her greatest riches, as well as we youth of tomorrow. Always know that I am your friend. There is no concert of mine that you cannot share for the esking. If I do not always offer, always know that which is mine is yours. […] My next concert (March 22) will still be somewhat neo-classic, but that is the END. Life does not lie in this direction but DEATH. If one man can learn one thing from another profit by my example. I have managed to write greater and subtler neo-classic works than Stravinsky who has become enfeebled, and now that I have vanguished him for myself I am THROUGH. I bid goodbye to my master. Sadly do Ia mpart, I have loved him. But this way is death, mine life »…